A few topics discussed in the Usenet group sci.physics.relativity

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What GR predicts for the perihelion advance of planets

The twin 'paradox' calculated by the metric

The twin ’paradox’ calculated by Doppler shift

A simplistic Sagnac ring

The four mirror Sagnac ring

What does the Special Theory of Relativity predict for a fibre optic gyro?

What GR predicts for the Pound-Rebka experiment

A Hafele & Keating - like thought experiment

Rate of clocks in GPS orbit

Mutual time dilation

Aberration and Doppler shift of EM-waves

Stellar aberration

Theory behind the StandingWave simulation

Setting synchronous clocks in motion


You can run the simulations as Applications, see how here

Simulation of gravitational deflection of light by the Sun

Simulation of the perihelion advance of planets predicted by GR

A "twin paradox" simulation

A simulation illustrating time dilation in satellites orbiting the Earth

A trip to the Moon

A simulation of the four mirror Sagnac ring

A simulation of the "Light Clock"

A simulation of a rotating spaceship

A simulation of standing waves

A simulation of pulse reflection on a transmission line

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Index of experiments testing relativity

Index of some ad hoc papers and simulations