Simulation of deflection of light by the Sun


The gravitational deflection of light by the Sun is simulated



Slider "Angle Star-Sun when RUN is hit":
        Choose the angle between the Star and the Sun as viewed from the Earth.


Button "RUN":
     Run a simulation. This button or one of the buttons below must be operated after change of angle between Star-Sun.


Button "Set theory to Newton/GR":
     Choose  if the simulation should be done according t Newton's theory or the General Theory of Relativity.


Button "Set view to Enhanced/Normal":

Choose  between "Normal view"  where both the Sun and the Earth will be shown,

and "Enhanced view" where the dimension perpendicular to the direction to the source are amplified so that the deflection becomes more obvious.


Button "Set distance to star 409ly/= ∞":
Coose the source  between  a star at infinite distance in the ecliptic plane, and the star 13 Tauri which is at distance 409 light years in the ecliptic plane.


You can run the simulation as an Application, se how here

Download Application


Download "Gravitational deflection of light by the Sun"


Enjoy !

Best regards Paul B. Andersen