Running Java Applets or downloaded Java Applications?

Paul B. Andersen

All the simulations on my web-site are implemented both as Java Applets and Java Applications.  A Java applet is run in an Internet browser, so you must have a Java enabled browser. See how to run Java Applets here. But since it seems to be a trend that fewer and fewer browsers are able to run Java, an alternative is to download the Java application and run it directly from the operating system.

In either case you must have the Java runtime environment (JRE) installed, preferably the latest version. If not, get it here   .  Be sure to install the correct version. If you have a 32-bit operating system, install the 32-bit JRE. If you have a 64-bit operating system,  install the 64-bit JRE.  If you have a 32-bit internet browser and want to run Java Applets you will also need to install the 32-bit JRE.

To download the Java Application, click the link on the web page of the relevant simulation. The format of the application is an executable Java Archive (JAR) file which you can download to any folder on your computer (e.g. the default download folder) . You can then start the application by double-clicking the JAR-file in the file explorer.


How safe is it to run the applications?

You may be, and should be, sceptical to download and run a runable file from the Internet. But my website is secure (HTTPS) which means that it has a SSL certificate issued by  Bitdefender   and all communication with the website is encrypted. And if you look at the top of this page you will see that my domain "" is secured by  SiteLock , the global leader in website security,  which means that my website is scanned every day, and if the shield says "passed" it is guaranteed free of malware. (Click on the shield to see the guarantee.)  But the best security lies in the fact that both the SSL certificate and SiteLock guarantee that the 'Company'  Paul B. Andersen is genuine. And what's more, to get a ".no" domain you must apply to Norid   . The result of a whois lookup in Norid can be found here.

I would have to pretty stupid if I had  malicious programs on my website which can be tracked back to me.

So I will answer the question above like this:

It's very safe.